Wasp nest removal Edinburgh

Wasp nest removal Edinburgh

Wasps are the sort of pests that nobody likes, despite them being somewhat useful insects around the garden by eating other flies and insects. Many people fear wasps especially those that might be allergic to them. If you ever find yourself being stung by a wasp and you haven’t been stung in the past you should seek medical attention incase you go into anaphylactic shock. Symptoms of a wasp still you might need to seek medical attention for could be things such as swelling, excessive pain, nausea and giddiness.


If you think you may have found a wasps nest in your home in Edinburgh then we advise that you do not approach the nest, nor should you try to get rid of the nest yourself. You should contact Anglo Scottish Pest Controls wasp nest removal team who are professionals and can safely destroy the nest on your behalf.


Wasp Facts

There are many things about wasps that everybody knows such as that they can sting you multiple  times however, here are a few facts you might not know about wasps:


  • The venom of a wasp contains a powerful pheromone that makes the other wasps in the area become more aggressive. This is why it’s essential that you do not try to hit a wasp with anything or swat it especially near the nest
  • Most wasp sting effects tend to wear off after 24 hours but in some rare cases the victim can fall into anaphylactic shock which can be fatal.
  • Wasp stings can be treated with aluminium based deodorants
  • Wasps live in colonies that follow a stringent social order which are made up of queens, males and workers
  • Wasps do not swarm


If you believe that you have come across a potential active wasp nest, as we have advised previously do not attempt to remove the nest yourself contact Anglo Scottish Pest Control today and we’ll come and safely remove the nest for you.