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How to get rid of rats without poison

How to get rid of rats in the gardenSome straight forward tips on how to get rid of rats without poison.

How to get rid of rats without poison is a hot topic with gardeners. These creatures want access to gardens because it is a constant source of food and a great place for hiding. Once they settle there you need to exercise some serious rat control methods or seek the services of a professional pest control company.

These creatures love their anonymity which means they will conceal really well the entrance to any burrow. So when inspecting your garden look for holes about 8 cm in diameter. You may find a small heap of excavated soil and possibly regular path tracks next to the hole.
Usually, rats burrow down 45 cm to 60 cm but they are capable of digging even deeper. The length of the burrow may reach no further than a meter. However, bear in mind that they are capable of digging their way down underneath the foundations of a house to gain access inside.


Keep in mind these methods are only worthwhile during spring and summertime due to the times of year these plants can be grown. Check out here for garden advice on herbs


Its all down to the smell to repel the creatures from your garden. It may not deter them but can make it uncomfortable for them to perhaps take up residence in your garden and look elsewhere.


Like many creatures, rats really dislike the smell of mint. Growing kind round the borders of your garden or common access areas is a great way to discourage them. Other benefits of growing mint is using it for some good recipes.


Much like mint and garlic any herbs creating a border around your garden with strong smells can deter many creatures. The smell will hopefully make them realise you have nothing to offer and try further down the road. Its a pleasant scent for you and not only repels furry creatures but also keeps the mosquitos away.


Burrowing Rats


Before filling the burrow, you need to drive the rat out. Here are some methods to get rid of the intruders:

  • Mothballs: the smell emitted of this chemical compound is potent and will chase away the rodent, giving you a chance to close the hole.
  • Ammonia: it is very similar to the pungent smell of urine. It will confuse the rats and it’ll make them think there are foxes nearby which scream danger all around. The strong odour will keep the rats away for long because they don’t like the idea of becoming a prey to foxes.
  • Peppermint: rats just can’t stand this aroma. What you can do is dip cotton in peppermint and place it in the burrow. You will need to change the cotton every 3-4 days, but you won’t way too long before the rats scurry away from the smelly hole.
  • Bay leaves: they are deadly to rats. They think it’s food and eat it. However, it’s poisonous for them and they will die.



These are methods that need consistency and time to succeed. However it is very important to follow the basic rules. Once you have established a rat issue you need to call in the professionals. Do not forget it is essential to make your garden as unattractive as possible to any creatures such as rats by using some of the methods in the blog post above.