Rubbish Causing Rodent Activity

Rubbish causing rodent activity as lockdown eases in Scotland, business is almost back to normal. Which means the excessive rubbish situation is too.

Rubbish Causing Rodent Activity

Local business waste management

As you may or may not be aware most business’s dump excess rubbish out the back waiting to be collected.

This is a red flashing light to rodents such as mice and rats. And once they have finished on the outside the temptation to find a way into your business is next on the agenda.

Make sure your business practices safe and secure ways to store rubbish.

70 per cent of good pest control is good housekeeping, 25 per cent is good repair of buildings and the remaining 5 per cent is the use of pesticides.

  • Common pest are rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and birds
  • Pests carry disease and can damage food and property
  • Infestations in food rooms are against the law
  • Employ a reputable pest control company belonging to the British Pest Control Association
  • No food handler should use pesticides
  • Report sightings or signs of pests to management immediately
  • Repair any holes or damage to your business
  • Keep lids on bins
  • Fly traps need to be switched on and serviced regularly
  • Keep food, crumbs and waste off the floor
  • Throw out food damaged by pests
  • Regularly inspect all stock and storerooms
  • Keep doors and windows shut
  • Keep pets out of kitchens
  • Do not use fly sprays in food rooms

These points apply not only to a local business, but in your home too. If we all work together and manage our own rubbish it can not only affect your home and business but it can improve your neighbours too which decreases the chance of recurring pest problems.


Stay safe, stay clean and tidy and if you need professional pest control contact us now.

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