Rodent Control Edinburgh

If rodents are on your property in Edinburgh, either inside or outside you should seek professional help immediately. Such problems need to be dealt with quickly by someone professionally qualified in pest control.

Reason for control:

There is little doubt that rodents are detested by most people. It is common knowledge that they spread disease, contaminate foodstuff and cause serious damage to buildings and materials. Their capability to carry serious disease is without doubt the reason why we most fear them.

When we think of rats and disease our first thoughts are usually of the plague but this is no longer a hazard. Rats do however, still carry very serious diseases which can be potentially fatal to humans and other animals i.e. Weill’s disease and Murine typhus, as well such organisms as Salmonella bacteria, parasites, viruses and worms.

Rat Control

Rats, like mice continually gnaw on solid objects. Rat damage in buildings can prove very costly. Fires can cause hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage where cables and wires are gnawed. Gas and water pipes are also at risk. Continual rat burrowing can cause serious subsidence to buildings.

All in all, rats are real threat to our environment and must be controlled!

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