Rat Control Edinburgh – Rodent Control Edinburgh

Expert Rodent Control in Scotland and Edinburgh

Rats and mice are a problem for homeowners, tenants and companies throughout Scotland. If you want to eradicate the problem quickly and efficiently, you should always seek professional help.

Rat Control

Some of the problems caused by rodents include:

  • The spread of diseases, parasites and viruses (some of which can be fatal).
  • Damage to buildings through gnawing on solid objects.
  • Fires caused by gnawed electrical wires and cables.

How can we help

Our experienced staff will pinpoint where your rodent problem is coming from. We will then agree a suitable eradication process and tell you how it will work.

get rid of pests

There are a number of different rodenticides or trapping programs we can use to suit your situation. You can learn more about specific rodenticides on our documents page.

As you’d expect, we will follow up on our rodent control treatments until your problem has been completely eradicated.

Why choose us?

  • Efficiency – we aim to respond to all call-outs within 24 hours.
  • Discretion – we use unmarked vans and plain uniforms if required.
  • Cost – you’ll pay a fair price for a high quality job.