The City Bird

They may be described as our fine feathered friends but in reality birds can be a real nuisance causing costly damage to homes and business premises. The Scottish Parliament recently won their nine year battle to relieve Holyrood of a plague of pigeons but not before the government spent tens of thousands of pounds getting rid of the flock.

Over time pigeons have adapted to an urban environment and thrive in towns and cities, they are as happy eating bird seed as they are with the leftovers from last night’s take away. They only need a small amount of shelter and are commonly found nesting high up in buildings on small ledges and guttering and are as common a sight throughout Edinburgh as the dreaded traffic wardens.

The rats of the sky

They are known as the ‘rats of the sky’ for a reason. Pigeons carry diseases and parasites and cause a wave of destruction, dislodging roof tiles and blocking drains. Bird droppings not only look unsightly but the uric acid in the faeces can directly damage the design and structure of buildings; eroding brick, stone and metal, discolouring paint and staining woodwork. Bird feathers and nests also easily block gutters and drainage pipes causing big problems in the winter months.

We have worked on bird infestations in schools, shops, churches and heritage sites as well as businesses throughout Scotland and the north east of England. Wherever you are, pesky pigeons can cause a problem which inevitably ends with a costly clean up bill, especially for listed buildings.

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The solutions

At Anglo Scottish Pest Control we offer the following preventative measures to stop nuisance pigeons from damaging your business premises.Bird netting – Our versatile heavy duty, high density mesh is used to cover the area the birds like to nest. It is used on bridges, shelters signs and building facades and can be a permanent measure or used on a seasonal basis.

Anti-perch devices – At Anglo we fit spike systems to sills, chimneys, ledges and guttering to harmlessly stop pigeons from perching or nesting on your property.

Bird – wire systems – Bird-wire provides a discreet deterrent to perching and is the ideal solution for ledges, pipes, signs and guttering. Bird-wire is also suited to buildings with decorative features where spike systems would be seen as an eyesore.

Deterrent sound systems – Sonic sound systems are a subtle bird deterrent which can deter birds over large areas. The systems mimic predator cries that condition the birds to stay away from the area

Robotic scarers – These electronic birds of prey act like a kind of scarecrow to nuisance birds. This is a much cheaper alternative to using a live Falcon or Hawk but is known to have a similar effect at deterring pigeons.

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