Pest Control Problems in the Winter

Pest Control Problems in the Winter

While some pests are only a problem to home and business owners in the warmer months, there are a number that can cause difficulties all year round, including winter time.

Dealing with things such as bee and wasp nests is only something we’re called on to do at certain times of year. Keep reading to find out what pests we deal with even in the colder weather.


Rats are very resilient creatures and even when the weather outside is bitterly cold, they can survive underground, coming out for food when they need to.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you need to be on the ball all year round for signs of rats such as droppings near where food is stored.


Mice can enter your property through a variety of different ways. When they find a nice warm place to hide in the winter they are likely to stay there providing there’s a source of food.

A lot of people mistakenly assume that mice hibernate during the winter months, but this is not the case. Things to look out for include droppings and chewed electrical wires as well as listening out for scuttling feet between the floors in your home if it’s on more than one level.


Most cockroaches will die in the winter months if they’re subjected to temperatures of less than 15°F (-9°C). During a UK winter, temperatures don’t often go that low in certain areas of the country.

Cockroaches have lived on earth successfully for millions of years according to scientists, so they’re very adaptable creatures. Cockroaches often don’t take a chance with the winter weather and make their way into people’s homes and business premises to seek refuge in the colder months, meaning you should be extra vigilant.


Some types of moth hibernate in the winter in warm places such as garages and garden sheds. Even if they are hibernating and not causing any problems, if you notice a lot of moths in your home or outbuildings, it pays to have them dealt with before the spring when they can cause damage.

Bed bugs

With female bed bugs able to live for up to 9 months and lay as many as 500 eggs in their lifetime, they can certainly cause problems during the winter. Bed bugs can’t survive outside in the winter months, but they are quite happy to live in your nice warm bed clothes.


Because so many pets are kept indoors in the winter months with central heating on, fleas can still be a problem. Fleas can easily spread from a pet into your carpets and sofas and a warm environment is perfect for their breeding.
If you have a problem with any of the pests mentioned above during the winter months, contact us for a fast response.