It's Time to Keep an Eye Out for Ants

At the time of writing it’s getting close to ant nesting season.

Ants can be a real inconvenience for home and business owners as well as being problematic to get rid of. Keep reading to discover more about ants.

What problems can ants cause?


How would it look to your customers if they came in to buy something from your food shop and saw ants crawling around on the floor?

If you’ve got small children at home, having ants around your house is very unhygienic as they can carry in germs from outside. Certain types of ants can also sting which is unpleasant, particularly for young children and pets. The most common ant in the UK, the black garden ant, doesn’t sting, but in the UK there are red, wood and flying ants that do.

Other problems caused by ants include damage to buildings, outdoor structures, lawns and plants.

DIY ant control

A popular DIY ant control method people use is to pour boiling water down cracks in paving and patios where they see ants emerging. This is only likely to kill off some of the many ants in the nest and will typically just stop the problem for a short while.

There are lots of products available in DIY shops to help get rid of ants. These include sprays and powders, but many of these are not ideal if you have pets or young children running around outside. There are more subtle methods in the form of traps that attract ants into small discs where they ingest poison and die inside.

When do you need professional pest control to deal with ants?

While some species of ant can be dealt with by using DIY products, there are times when you will need the experience and expertise of a professional pest control technician.

For example if you’ve tried everything and can’t get rid of your ant infestation, or think the ants in your home or garden are an uncommon species, you need someone to identify these and get rid of the nests to prevent any reoccurrence.

How to keep ants out of your home or business

There are some simple steps you can take to stop ants becoming a problem:

  • Don’t leave any spillages lying around – make sure you clean up food and drink from floors right away.
  • Check under things such as fridges, freezers and cookers regularly to clear away any food debris that’s not visible.
  • Keep your bins covered at all times. The smell of discarded food will attract ants in through small cracks in your outside walls and floorboards.

Now is the time of year to take these preventative measures if you don’t want ants in your property.