How to Stop Birds Being a Nuisance

They’re often referred to as our feathered friends, but various species of birds can become a real nuisance for homeowners and businesses.

Whether you’ve got seagulls nesting in your chimney, or are fed up with pigeons plaguing your business and making your building look unsightly, there are a number of ways you can stop birds being a nuisance.


•    Find out why they’re coming

In many cases, birds pose a problem to homes and businesses because people are leaving food out and attracting them. For example, you may have a neighbour who’s putting out bread every day which then gets the birds into a feeding pattern.

Also, you may have just moved into a property and not know that gulls had nested in the chimney the year before and are likely to come back again.

•    Stop them nesting

By law you’re not allowed to tamper with birds’ nests when they have eggs in them. However, a good way to prevent a bird problem is to make it hard for them to nest near your property.

For example, you could prune trees in your garden or attach netting to trees where birds have nested before. Gulls like to nest in chimneys so you could put some form of netting over yours to make sure they can’t build anything.


•    Put prevention measures in place

For larger organisations and institutions, investing in one of the following measures may be the best solution to an existing problem or as a preventative step:

Anti-perch devices| bird-wire systems | deterrent sound systems | robotic scarers | bird spikes

These obviously involve some expense, but in many cases it’s a wise investment when compared to the cost of having an historic professionally cleaned or the health of staff members suffering.

They’re often referred to as our feathered friends, but various species of birds can become a real nuisance for homeowners and businesses.

3 things you shouldn’t do

As well as interfering with nests, there are a few other things you shouldn’t do when it comes to birds being a nuisance.


•    Use a gel as a deterrent

There are bird gels commercially available you can paint onto your roof to stop birds landing there and making a lot of mess and noise. This substance can easily end up on the wings of birds and cause them distress and difficulty flying.


•    Be cruel

People often take matters into their own hands when it comes to nuisance birds, but again we wouldn’t recommend this. Firing an air gun at pigeons or seagulls on your roof for example is certainly not a good idea, no matter how much of a nuisance they are.


•    Take a DIY approach

If you had a problem with your teeth you’d go to the dentist. If your car broke down you’d call a mechanic. The same logic applies when you have a persistent bird problem – get the professionals in to deal with it properly. A DIY approach can be dangerous as well as being a false economy.


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