How to Avoid Being Stung by Wasps

You might have noticed that we are in the middle of wasp season, where they just turn up and rudely interrupt you when you least expect it. You try to act cool and pretend you don’t want to get up and run as far as you possibly can while that painful childhood memory plays in your head more vivid than ever.

When you were five and got attacked by a drunken wasp. And you can still remember how much it hurt. Yes, wasps actually become “drunk” from overindulging on too much fruit and sugar, and as you might know from personal experience, it can be easy to mistake your front door for the neighbour’s when a bit tipsy. Or if you’re a wasp, mistake a colourful shirt or blouse for a flower.

Wasps don’t mean to be mean and sting humans just because they like it (they don’t really care about us at all). Their stings are there purely to kill insect prey, but from time to time they feel like they need to defend themselves against attack and manage to sting one of us.

So what to do when a wasp approaches you? Opinions are divided, there are people that think staying calm is the way to go and people that believe wafting the wasp away or swatting it is what you should do. If you can’t decide what your opinion is, why not try to avoid them in the first place?

Here’s what you should do to keep those little pests away:

  • Don’t look like a flower. In other words, don’t wear bright floral prints or any other bright colours for that matter. Opt for beige, white and other light colours.
  • Don’t smell like a flower. Strong scents like perfumes and colognes make wasps think you’re a flower and they might try and land on you to investigate this further.
  • Stay away from sugarWasps have a sweet tooth and will come flying in hope of a fix if you eat or drink sugary things outdoors.


Interesting fact: by the end of the summer the “forager” wasps are finished foraging and as the nests can now sustain themselves they dedicate the final month of their lives to eating, drinking and stinging. Their summer is not actually that different from ours, apart from the fact that it is their last summer.


If you have a wasp problem near your house or property that you need to get fixed don’t hesitate in getting some professional pest control experts to help you out!