Pigeons eating rubbish

The City Bird

They may be described as our fine feathered friends but in reality birds can be a real nuisance causing costly damage to homes and business premises. The Scottish Parliament recently won their nine year battle to relieve Holyrood of a plague of pigeons but not before the government spent tens of thousands of pounds getting rid of the flock.

Over time pigeons have adapted to an urban environment and thrive in towns and cities, they are as happy eating bird seed as they are with the leftovers from last night’s take away. They only need a small amount of shelter and are commonly found nesting high up in buildings on small ledges and guttering and are as common a sight throughout Edinburgh as the dreaded traffic wardens.

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5 Common Bird Control Decoys

Some birds are the most exquisite beautiful creatures whereas some are just a real pain. We can probably all agree that pigeons, seagulls and crows are some of the most annoying birds out there.

The problems birds cause include:

  • Property and equipment damage
  • Disturbing noise
  • Health-related problems
  • Crop damage

There are bird control decoys you can buy without having to spend a lot of money. Here is our list of five common ones:


1.     Owl, falcon and hawk decoys

Life size bird of prey decoys are great for scaring away pest birds. The effect of the decoys rely on the pest bird’s instinctive fear of predators. Put the decoy in a place where it can be clearly seen by the problem birds as they approach their roosting, perching or breeding area.


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How to Stop Birds Being a Nuisance

They’re often referred to as our feathered friends, but various species of birds can become a real nuisance for homeowners and businesses.

Whether you’ve got seagulls nesting in your chimney, or are fed up with pigeons plaguing your business and making your building look unsightly, there are a number of ways you can stop birds being a nuisance.


•    Find out why they’re coming

In many cases, birds pose a problem to homes and businesses because people are leaving food out and attracting them. For example, you may have a neighbour who’s putting out bread every day which then gets the birds into a feeding pattern.

Also, you may have just moved into a property and not know that gulls had nested in the chimney the year before and are likely to come back again.

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anglo infographic

Coming to a home near you this summer – ants, bedbugs, gulls, rats and wasps. Find out some crazy facts about them by viewing our pest control infographic.

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How to Guard Against Nesting Gulls

As spring approaches, it’s not long until gulls all over the UK start to think about nesting. Gulls typically like to go back to the nesting site they’ve had previously which is often in people’s chimneys. If you had a problem with gulls at your home or business premises last year, now is the time to seek advice and take preventative measures as gulls usually start nest building around the start of April.

What problems do nesting gulls cause?

Even if you haven’t previously had a problem with nesting gulls, if you live in an area where they’re prevalent, you should think about taking action for the reasons below:

 Noise pollution

Gulls are not the most peaceful of birds. Having a gulls nest in your chimney at home could result in you being woken up every morning by their loud squawking.

An unpleasant smell

Gulls like to eat anything and everything they can find. The result of this is their droppings have a really bad smell. In addition, gull droppings can be dangerous to human health due to their high acidity and the parasites they contain.

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Bird Control Benefits - Protecting Your Health and Property

Our bird control service covers Scotland and the North of England. And we’re often called out to deal with flying pests such as seagulls, starlings and pigeons.

In this article we’ll talk about the main benefits of professional bird control.

Image attributed to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/ftibor

Better building appearance

Bird droppings aren’t just a potential health hazard, they can really spoil the look of a building too. From office buildings to historic castles, large quantities of bird droppings can really impact on the visual appeal of a property.

It’s not practical to keep having to clean up the mess at regular intervals. One of the main benefits of professional bird control is that measures can be put in place to deter birds in the future.

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Pigeons at Holyrood sitting comfortably.....again

On 6 December, Dunfermline Sheriff Court was told that two-year-old Naphtali (aka Naph pictured below) is one of several birds used to manage bird populations disappeared when he was caught by a gust of wind, while being exercised by his handler at a football complex at Torryburn, Fife.

Naph was last seen alive on 3 April in a tree above the garden of racing pigeon keeper Andrew Hutchison, about 200 yards away. When Naph’s minders went to inquire what had happened to the falcon, the retired miner, 67, confessed Read more

Bought from the Burnham-on-sea branch, Paul Streeter from Weare, Somerset, said his girlfriend was sick after the carcass was discovered in the baby leaf and rocket salad.

Neither he, nor his vegetarian wife, could believe their eyes, especially as his wife was seconds away from eating the decomposed and shrivelled bird. Upon investigation it was thought the bird was a baby starling.

There will be some red faces at Tesco, and their supplier, who said it would be conducting a “thorough investigation”.

To view the full TV report on the BBC click here.