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Common Wasp

Wasp Nests: How To Identify and Remove Them

If you notice a large number of wasps that seem to be concentrated in one particular area, then it is likely that there is a wasp nest nearby. Unlike bees’ wasps are an unwelcome pest in any garden or home, this tends to be because they…
Wasp nest removal Edinburgh

Wasps Facts

Wasps are the sort of pests that nobody likes, despite them being somewhat useful insects around the garden by eating other flies and insects. Many people fear wasps especially those that might be allergic to them. If you ever find yourself…

Moth Control: What To Do When You Have A Moth Problem

Moths are a nuisance and many of us will have come across them at some point. Moths are very destructive creatures and can be a pain to deal with. However, when you discover a moth infestation there are certain steps you can take. Getting…

Insect Control: Fly Facts

Flies are a very common pest in the UK, and for most of us having a fly buzzing around is very annoying, as well as this they can also pose a health risk, particularly for businesses within the pharmaceutical or food industry. With this…

Keep Rats Out Of Your Home Or Business

Rats are active year round as they do not hibernate in the winter months. With this said rats do tend to be more active during the winter months as they will have to stockpile food and will be on the hunt for a warm dry place to nest for…

4 Things That Attract Pests To Your Home

Pests are likely to take up residence in your home if they can find a way in. Particularly if there is easy access to food and water. With this said there are a few things that will make your home more inviting to pests giving them the perfect…