Bird Control Edinburgh

Exclusion programs for buildings are designed to deter pigeons, starlings, sparrows and gulls. These species are responsible for the defacing of facades, rooftops, equipment, and floors in the Edinburgh and surrounding areas

Infestation of these birds is also a serious health hazard. Anglo Scottish supply, install and maintain a range of effective, unobtrusive and humane systems designed to safeguard buildings and working environments in and around Edinburgh.

Bird Control

Bird netting, anti-perch devices, bird-wire systems, deterrent sound systems and even Robotic scarers are some of our innovative working ideas. Knowledge comes from our 30 years experience and when it comes to Bird Control we rise to the challenge.

  • Churches
  • Heritage
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authrities
  • Railways
  • Retail/Leisure


Planning a bird job is the most critical step in eliminating a pest bird problem. Care must be taken to conduct proper studies of the environment to ensure the proper methods are prescribed. An analysis of the building materials and surfaces involved must be conducted to confirm the viability of the methods to be employed.

Anglo Scottish Pest/Bird Control Specialists spend enough time onsite and analysing the information we obtain from site visits to specify the right course of action. We consider our customers’ needs for aesthetics, functionality, accessibility, and budgeting prior to presenting our recommendations. Please contact our Bird Specialists for more information about our Consulting Services

Historic/Heritage Buildings

Anglo Scottish Pest/Bird Control provide the proper care and attention to detail needed to perform work on Historic Buildings.

Our technicians have extensive experience in minimizing the impact of our bird deterrent systems on buildings. We have worked closely with preservationists from English Heritage and many other organizations to institute guaranteed effective bird control measures without compromising the visual aesthetics of historic buildings. We highly recommend implementing a bird deterrent system as part of restoration work on historic buildings. It is during that period that a building can benefit most from the investment of bird control. Rather than expending to clean and re-clean, a bird deterrent system can save money in the long run. Please contact one of our Bird Specialists for more information on how we can be a resource during your restoration projects.

Ray Stockdale, English Heritage

“We have engaged the services of Anglo Scottish Pest Control on several period and historic properties. They install less invasive systems which meets out strict criteria for Heritage Buildings We have always found them to be professional, competitive and courteous in all respects of their business.”

Pest Control Issues

Birds congregating outside a window deter the occupant from opening their windows. Piles of droppings carry a malodorous smell. At the infamous Holyrood Parliament Building, birds have been roosting and nesting near the building’s air handling equipment. The MSP’s have covered the ducts in their offices with plastic and taped them off to prevent bird droppings from migrating into their offices. They refuse to open windows. Pest birds harbour many fleas, ticks, mites, and parasitic organisms, which migrate into buildings and bite people. Even as processes are used to remove the bird population from a site, these ectoparasites must be addressed, as they will look for new hosts to feed on.


Aesthetics are a concern on many levels. Besides the general unsightliness bird droppings create, their presence is a reflection of corporate image. Architects contrive brilliant designs for buildings at great expense to building owners and developers. It is not the intent of either owner or architect to create habitats for pest birds. The aesthetics of the building are directly related to property value. The ability to lease space in a building may be related to the appearance of the building’s exterior.

Property /Facility Management

Property owners and facility managers are increasingly concerned about bird problems. Our Bird Control experts can help! Anglo Scottish specialists focus on aesthetically pleasing methods of exclusion that allow for a synergy between architectural design and the bird exclusion system. We can eliminate potential bird problems before they become a headache. Our experts will integrate preventative measures into specifications for new construction and restoration projects that do not compromise aesthetics. Working together we can accomplish more than alone!


Bird droppings cause significant damage to building materials if left to settle. The uric acid in bird faeces eats through paint on surfaces and metal pipes. When stonework gets covered in bird droppings, the uric acid in those droppings will eat the finish of the stone exposing the porous inside. Water can then seep in which, during the freeze – thaw process of the winter can cause that irreplaceable stone to crack. There is significant risk associated with bird droppings piling up on building rooftops. Bird debris can clog up drains causing the roof to hold water weight it was not designed to. If not properly drained, water on rooftops often leaks into buildings.

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