Bird Control Benefits - Protecting Your Health and Property

Our bird control service covers Scotland and the North of England. And we’re often called out to deal with flying pests such as seagulls, starlings and pigeons.

In this article we’ll talk about the main benefits of professional bird control.

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Better building appearance

Bird droppings aren’t just a potential health hazard, they can really spoil the look of a building too. From office buildings to historic castles, large quantities of bird droppings can really impact on the visual appeal of a property.

It’s not practical to keep having to clean up the mess at regular intervals. One of the main benefits of professional bird control is that measures can be put in place to deter birds in the future.

It’s also important that any deterrents put in place also don’t impact too much on the aesthetic appeal of a building, particularly history properties where people expect them to look a certain way.

Protecting people’s health

When birds get into buildings there can be a serious risk to people’s health. Some species of bird carry diseases that are very harmful to humans.

Seagulls in particular are notorious for having very acidic droppings due to their diets. Seagulls tend to eat anything and everything they can find and when it’s deposited near humans it can cause illnesses. You don’t have to touch bird droppings to catch conditions such as salmonella, e-coli and meningitis – the bacteria and parasites within droppings can be inhaled.

Whether it’s through eating food contaminated with bird droppings or breathing it in through a window where there are lots of bird droppings outside, the clean-up and ongoing deterrent should always be left to a professional pest control company.

Saving money

Bird control measures can also save you money whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. Bird droppings can do damage to materials such as stonework and metal, such is their acidity.

Putting long-term bird deterrents in place is a sound investment in your building. Ignoring a bird problem could result in serious damage to a building which will cost a lot more to put right, not to mention the inconvenience of potentially having to move people while work is carried out.

Peace of mind

Professional bird control services will also give you peace of mind. For example, a bird deterrent such as a robotic scarer will make sure your bird problems such as an unpleasant smell and unwanted noise are a thing of the past. Bird control measures provide a long-term solution to what can be a recurring problem.

The right advice

The right advice is essential when dealing with any bird control issue. We’ve seen instances where people have tried to tackle the problems themselves with disastrous results.

Depending on your building, the types of birds involved, any materials being affected and the local environment, bird control advice can vary.

It’s important your bird control problem is dealt with on an individual basis and you’re given tailored advice on how to treat the problem and prevent it coming back.

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