6 Ways to Get Rid of Rats

Rats have been the scourge of homeowners for as long as we can remember. They can carry all sorts of diseases which are harmful to humans, so if you’ve got rats in your home, you need to do something to get rid of them quickly.

Despite being a dirty nuisance, not everybody has the same ideas when it comes to putting an end to a rat infestation. With this in mind, you’ll find six ways to get rid of rats listed below.


•    Humane traps

There are many DIY rat traps available online and in DIY shops that trap the intruders without sentencing them to death. Of course, if you manage to catch a rat in a cage, you then have to do something to get rid of it. Some people drive out into the countryside miles away from their home and release the rats back into the wild.

•    Lethal traps

If the thought of having to deal with a live rat doesn’t appeal to you, there are of course lethal rat traps you can buy. These can vary from very basic rudimentary snap traps to more sophisticated electronic ones which kill the rats instantly through an electric shock.

•    The old fashioned feline method

Want rid of rats? Get some cats! If you have feline friends patrolling your home and garden, it’s unlikely you’ll have a rat problem for long. This method can have its drawbacks though such as dead rats being brought into your home as ‘presents’ from your cats.

•    Chemicals

There are various rodenticides you can buy from DIY shops. The big downside to these is they can be poisonous not just to rats but humans and pets too. If you’re not used to handling strong chemicals, this method is best avoided.

•    Plug the gaps around your home

If you’re being bothered by rats getting into your home, it’s wise to take a look around the outside of your property to pinpoint any areas where they may be sneaking in. Rats can squeeze through pretty small spaces, especially if they smell food, so some home maintenance may be in order to stop them in their tracks and keep them outside where they belong.

•    Professional pest control

Lots of people panic at the sight of a rat and would rather someone else dealt with them. As a pest control company we can take care of your rat problem using the most suitable method for your home and individual preferences.

What’s more, we will identify any nearby rats nests and get rid of those too so you don’t get a recurring infestation in your home.

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