3 Reasons Why People Fear Bugs

More and more children are born in big cities and becoming detached from nature and the living creatures that reside there – like all sorts of bugs. And we often fear things we’re not used to or understand – that is how the human mind works.

Not having a lot of knowledge about insects combined with an experience of being bitten by one or seeing someone else being afraid of one might result in a deeper, more irrational fear – a phobia. Entomophobia (fear of insects) is relatively common – particularly in urban areas.

Apart from most of us not liking the way bugs look, feel or sound, what is it about these (mostly) harmless little things that we are so afraid of?

Here are three major reasons why we stay away from bugs:

1.     Fear of being bitten or stung

Probably the most common motive for why we fear insects. Although most stings or bites don’t cause you any real pain, there are venomous insects that can actually harm you. And there are people who can have a serious allergic reaction from a bite. In these cases the fear can be justified. Still, most of us would agree that a wasp sting can be pretty painful and something we want to avoid at all costs.

2.     Fear of being contaminated

Bugs are often associated with disease and dirt, and many insects do, in fact, carry disease. Mosquitoes in hot climates can carry malaria and yellow fever viruses, deer ticks can carry Lyme disease and flies and cockroaches can transmit germs. However, it is relatively rare to be contaminated by an insect and they are actually a lot cleaner than we think!

3.     Fear of infestation

Some people are afraid of their bodies or homes being infested with bugs. The fear can be realistic, but there is also a severe condition called delusions oparasitosis where sufferers believe that they are infested with an insect or a mite, or that they are being repeatedly bitten.

Research has shown that our fears are often irrational, and that we react more strongly to creatures we think are disgusting than we do to animals that might in fact be dangerous but we don’t consider revolting. And bugs fall in the disgusting category most of the time.

The good news is that a fear of bugs can be treated with a variety of short-term methods and doesn’t have to limit your everyday life.

If you’ve got a fear of bugs and have an infestation, contact us now to get rid of your pest problem.