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4 DIY Products to Get Rid of Wasps

4 DIY Products to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are a pest that can bother you especially in late summer. Most of us have been stung by one in the past, and it’ something we don’t want to happen again. There are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of having lots of wasps flying around in your garden or near your house.

Make sure you rinse all your empty juice and beer bottles and other food packaging before you put them in your bin. Also make sure to have a tight-fitting lid and regularly clean your wheelie bin out. Avoid planting lots of flowers in your garden as they’re a definite wasp-magnet.

If wasps are still bothering you, you can easily make your own wasp trap. Just remember to be careful when handling and emptying the traps, and if you have any doubts just get a professional pest control business to do it for you.

The jar trap

  • Make a hole the size of your pinkie finger in a jar lid
  • Fill half of the jar with orange juice or another sweet drink
  • Cover the inside of the lid with strawberry or raspberry jam
  • Put the lid on the jar
  • Place the jar away from people
  • The sweet juice and jam will attract wasps that crawl in through the hole in the lid and eventually drown in the juice
  • Wait until it’s dark before emptying and refilling the jar

The bottle trap

  • Take an empty plastic bottle
  • Cut the neck off (where the bottle reaches its full width)
  • Remove the cap and place the top of the bottle upside down into the bottle
  • Tape the edges together if necessary
  • Make two holes near the edges on opposite sides and put a string through (so you can hang it in a tree or similar)
  • Fill the trap with a couple of inches of sweet liquid such as juice, sugar and water or mashed grapes. Pour into the bottle without the liquid touching the opening or the outside of the trap (to make sure wasps crawl all the way inside the bottle)
  • Hang or place the bottle away from people
  • The wasps will be attracted by the sweet stuff and eventually drown in the liquid bait unable to find their way out
  • Empty the bottle regularly after making sure all the wasps are dead
  • This trap can also be used for killing fruit flies


  • Take a spray bottle or a water pistol
  • Mix two cups of water and 30 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • Spray directly onto wasp nests early in the morning or late at night (make sure you don’t point a flashlight at the trap as wasps might flock to the light)
  • The wasps inside the nest will die and wasps coming back to the nest will be repelled and move elsewhere
  • Alternatively you can use two cups of water and two large squirts of dish detergent and repeat the same procedure

Lemon and cloves

  • Take a lemon and cut it in half
  • Put about 10 cloves in each half of the fruit
  • Set them out
  • The wasps will be repelled by the scent and leave you alone
  • Clove and lime keeps mosquitoes away

These DIY products are all easy to make and can be effective in the war against wasps, but to get rid of them you have to find the nest and destroy it. The safest way is always to contact your local pest control experts and get them to take care of it for you.